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Dear Neighbors:


LastFriday, the Ohio Department of Health releasedits latest report of the

2014 OhioInfant Mortality Data: General Findings. The findings indicate some improvement with theoverallinfant mortality rate decreasing from 7.4 deaths per 1000 live births in 2013 to 6.8 deaths per 1000 live birthsin 2014.



On Thursday, the Commission on Infant Mortality Subcommittee on Social Determinants met to look at infant mortality rate through the lens of housing as a social determinant of health. This important conversation, led by Dr. Arthur James and Dr. Patricia Gabbe, was an excellent way to startthis conversation. New and innovative approaches to this issue are vital to our success and the overallhealth of our state.


Despite the leaps and bounds we have made in understanding SIDS and other causes of infant death, there is still much to learn and much more to do. A recent article fromThe Atlantictitled,How the U.S. Won a Major Victory in the Fight Against SIDS,does a good job of outlining the history and thechallenges we still face. Click here to read the article.


We know battling infant mortality is a complicated task. There is no silver bullet. We also know that our state's battle with opiates adds tothis immense challenge. Far too many children are being born addicted to drugs, making their lives exceptionally difficult. Brigid's Path, a new clinic opening in Kettering, would be the first center for drug-addicted newborns in Ohio, and only the second such clinic in the nation. Click here for more information on the development of this uniquestrategy.I am hopeful that the work of those involved in this effort will provide a successful intervention for the youngest Ohioans.